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Audio conversion No turntable? Broken stylus? Vinyl gathering dust? Your favorite music unavailable on CD? As the years wear on, your old recordings may be deteriorating as you sleep. In some environments, fungus can render a collection unplayable. Even if it doesn't grow on the vinyl, the condition of the covers can affect their contents.

Convert vinyl LPs, 45s and 78s to MP3, WMA or CD formats. Send your vinyl (LPs, 45s, 78s) to us and we'll return them to you accompanied by CDs or, if you prefer, MP3s/WMAs for downloading from our web site (or yours) or even files on a CD. We separate the tracks too! And we can also provide a color copy of the LP cover for the CD case.
Audio samples All recording and editing are done manually, so as to ensure that no significant material is omitted. We use no automated processes for removing noise and sonic quality is always verified before the conversions are finalized.

Here is a pair of samples of an old soundtrack. The vinyl LP was in good condition, the music has enough spaces to make the pops and clicks easy to hear and identify, and therefore, easier to eliminate. For music such as this, it's important to eliminate the noise; denser music tends to mask the noise and therefore requires less fixing. When removing noise, It's important not to make it noticeable. Judge for yourself by comparing the original and the fixed samples below.
Before    After
Prices $25 for each 33-1/3 LP (both sides - track separation included)
$5 for each CD-size LP cover scan.
$7 for each "45" or EP (both sides - track separation included).
Instructions E-mail us for final pricing and delivery instructions. Discount pricing may be available; we would also need to know the condition of the vinyl.
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