"Colonial English" - a form of English spoken in Southern Africa which includes words influenced by African languages, such as Ndebele, Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans and others. Speakers of this English subset face heaping self-consciousness when dropped in the middle of North America; it isn't just the words used, but sometimes a gaping difference in pronunciation that results in the speaker wondering whose English is more correct - theirs or the North American foreigner's. So it is that a colonial speaker in a restaurant will ask for a "glahs of waw-tah" and be met with a querying look and feel forced to forever alter his pronunciation for the necessity to quench a thirst. "Glass of wahderr" it must become.

Below, a few of the more common terms and words people from the Southern African region might need help with.

Southern Africa
[South of the Equator / East of Greenwich]
North America
[North of the Equator / West of Greenwich]
"a pinch of salt" "a grain of salt"
100 kph 60 mph
33 Celsius 91 Fahrenheit
Abattoir Slaughterhouse
Advert Commercial
Aerial Antenna
Aish! Oy!
Alsatian German Shepherd
Antenatal Prenatal
Antenuptial Prenuptial
Aubergine Eggplant
Avocado pear Avocado
Balls-up Snafu
Bill Check
Bioscope Movies
Biscuits Cookies
Bonnet Hood
Boot Trunk
Braai Barbeque (duh!)
Breakdown van Tow truck
Brilliant! Great!
Brinjal Eggplant
Brown bread Wholewheat
Buck Deer
Bugger S.O.B.
Bundu Styx
C.V. Résumé
Callbox Payphone
Candy floss Cotton candy
Carpark Parking lot
Char Cleaning lady
Cheeky Sassy
Cheque Check
Choke Throttle
Cinema Movies
Coffee with milk Coffee - regular
Costume Swimsuit
Courgette Zucchini
Crockery Dishware
Cross Angry
Cubbyhole Glove compartment
Cupboard Closet
Cutlery Silverware
Dagga Pot
Dummy Pacifier
Enos Alka-Seltzer
Enquiries Inquiries
European Caucasian
Exams Tests
Flat Apartment
Form 6 Grade 12
Freeway Highway
Fringe Bangs
Government school Public school
Granadilla Passion fruit
Grand theft Grand larceny
Guard's van Caboose
Guti Drizzle
Headmaster Principal
Hic-Hac-Hoc Rock-Paper-Scissors
Holiday Vacation
Hooter Horn
Imprisoned Incarcerated
Indicator Turn signal
Jersey Sweater
Kitka Challah bread
Lappie Rag
Lift Elevator
Lights & water Utilities
Lorry Truck
Lounge Living room
Lumbar puncture Spinal tap
Maize Corn
Marked (exams) Graded (tests)
Marking exams Grading papers
Marmite "Ew!!"
Mealies Corn
Medical residency Internship
Microlight Ultralight
Mist Fog
Mobile (phone) Cell phone
Murder Homicide
Muti Medicine
Naartjie Tangerine
Naught Zero
Naughts & Crosses Tic-Tac-Toe
Operating theater Operating room / "OR"
Overseas Abroad / off-shore
Panel beater Bodyshop
Pantechnicon Moving van
Pavement Sidewalk
Petrol Gas
Pip Pit
Plaster Band-Aid
Post Mail
Post-mortem Autopsy
Postbox Mailbox
Praise Kudos
Prang Fender bender
Primary school Elementary school
Programme Program
Puncture Flat
Pupil Student
Railway Railroad
Refuse Garbage
Robot Traffic light
Romany Creams "Huh?"
Rubber Condom
Rubber Eraser
Rubbish (the noun) Trash
Rubbish (the verb) Deny strongly
Rusks "What?"
Scepticism Skepticism
School fete School fair
Secretary Administrative assistant
Sectional title Condominium
Sellotape Scotch tape
Serviette Napkin
Settee Sofa
Sewerage farm Wastewater facility
Sitting room Living room
Snakes & Ladders Chutes & Ladders
Sport Sports
Standard 5 Grade 7
Stickytape Scotch tape
Stitch Muscle cramp
Stoep Porch
Sweets Candy
Sweets Dessert
Swot Study
Tablet Pill
Tackies Tennis/canvas shoes
Take-away Take-out
Tarmacadam Asphalt
Taxi rank Taxi stand
Temperature Fever
Term Semester
The Continent Europe
Theft Larceny
Tissues Kleenex
To let For rent
Toasted cheese Grilled cheese
Toilet Bathroom/washroom
Tuna mayonnaise Tuna salad
Vanilla essence Vanilla flavoring
Varsity College
Verandah Porch
Vest A-shirt
Waistcoat Vest
Waw-tah Wahderr
Windscreen Windshield
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