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CIA world book A primer on every country in the world.
Time anywhere Before you make that international call, better check here first.
Blue dot Earth perspective
Money anywhere You've probably never even heard of most of these currencies.
Radio anywhere Radio stations from the four corners.
BBC on the web The good old British Broadcasting Corporation.
D.C. multimedia The Library of Congress.
Forex Another look at foreign currency.
Gold All about gold today.
Photography Julien Goldstein (Flash player required).
Monochromes Classic photos - old and new.
Fashion channel Fashion - twenty-four/seven.
World history History from George Mason University.
Languages A polyglot's hangout.
Translations Start learning here.
Dying languages Languages whose days are numbered.
World food For adventurous kitchen lovers.
Tristan da Cunha News from as far as you can get.
Virtual library Another kind of portal.
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Photo Hampton Court outside London, U.K.